EXPERT SERVICE LIST   タイ国に日本企業のビジネス設立、総務支援、ワンストップロングステイ、その他。。のサービスについて。日本語内容でこちらにご問い合わせください→ ( Japan Help Desk) Email :

 Accounting ,Administrations, TAX /ビジネスと管理のサポート: : Accounting&Audit ,Tax Planning, Tax Refund ,Company Set-up & Secretarial Admin. ,Payroll, Social Welfare, Food &Drug ,License Service, Business Law Advisor, Website Content written & Upload service, Private Personal Assistant (JP-Thai-Eng Secretary Speaker )service during your daily working or staying in Thailand ,...other requested per situations of your required.

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 All Visa & Work Permit /タイビザの申請と取得サービス:Thailand All Visa type,  Thailand Work Permit of General Zone ,BOI Zone ,IEAT Zone. (Tourist Visa ,Retirement Visa,Thai Marriage Visa,Thai Business Visa , Study Visa, Family visa ,Permanent  Residence, Single/ Multiple re-entry, 90 days report stay), and another forign countries visa.

 Research & Journa/マーケティングリサーチ: All chapters of Research Advisor(Thesis & Dissertation), Thailand market research, SPSS  /AMOS PROGRAM (Path Analysis interpretation and data processing, Research Article ,   Journal Publication (Thai &English) ,Researh Conference Powerpoint ,Re-   arrange page and Binding service( Coaching all steps until passed all   requirement) , Business Plan ,Transfer Pricing Support Documents. 

 Certified Translations & Public Notary/ 翻訳および通訳のサービス: Translation & Interpretation for Japanese, English, Thai, Chinese, France, Myanmar, Cambodia, Arabic,etc,.. for academic , business, technical/factory support, personal issue, Disclosure letter also be provided per customers requested.  Translated Documents certified by Native / Public Notary possibly applied. 

 E-Learning & Trainning/タイ国にトレーニングの手配する  : E-Learning  VDO teaching (Partner with Edumall Worldwide Network) ,Set up Trainning&Seminar such as Personal & Corporate Income Tax planning ,Tax refund knowledge, Import-Export , Source of Origin documents (FORM D/FORM E, JTEPA,Self Certification, etc..) FTA priviledge ,  Domestic  & Oversea Study Tour  Schedule arrangement.

 One Stop Long stay service/Retirement (1 Year Visa)/ワンストップロングステイサービス:(フルパッケージ) :

  Full package of long  stay & support activities + Visa Before and after entered to  Thailand), Hotels/Service apartments with 1 /or 2 meals/day included, Accidents insurance, Thai langauge study or/ Thai dance activity, Sightseeing, Golf tour, another relax  activities ,support by information help-desk (Japanese-Thai-English) ( Long stay package city at Sukhumvit,Bangkok, Chiangmai, Sriracha,Chonburi, Phuket, Krabi,etc...), be recommended to contact us for more detail per your individual different need serviced.